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Greenhalgh Kerr has been a prominent player in the specialist field of finance recoveries since our business was started in 2000. Our clients range from small and medium-sized lenders, through to some of the country’s leading credit providers.

Our team has a tried and tested approach that helps protect your business and customer relationships. We help you recognise and resolve issues before they become a barrier to payment. When action is necessary we make it efficient and effective.

New Clients Onboarding

Get the full benefits of our expertise
Our onboarding protocols ensure that our clients get the full benefits of our expertise and service from the moment we engage. Doing things the GK way means more than just a sustained, effective job well done. It’s about delivering the partnership, trust, and results our clients deserve.
Before any cases arrive
Our people will meet yours. It’s personal. Relationships have not gone out of style. Your team will get to know our team. We can learn about your operation and its needs, and we can fit in with your timings, systems, and requirements. We can agree and set up all communications channels and arrangements.
After cases arrive
We assess each case in our usual way, setting a strategy, grading and reporting on the case in terms of prospects and timescales and cost. We make immediate contact with debtors, and pursue a recovery in our normal tried and tested ways
Reporting to you
We deliver to you ongoing, structured, tailored reports as per your needs and preferences. We carry out a full review each quarter with you, where we look at cases and patterns and at any opportunities to improve.
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IVA Successfully Overturned

Greenhalgh Kerr successfully overturned a debtor’s IVA and obtained a bankruptcy order, in order to allow trustees in bankruptcy to investigate a suspicious property transaction.

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Insolvency Restrictions Updated

Covid related restrictions on the use of insolvency against companies are being updated on 1st October 2021. The new regime will provide that the following conditions have to...

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Execution Of Company Documents

The correct execution of documents can be pivotal to the success or failure of litigation. Indeed, arguments as to the validity of documentation are commonplace, particularly when there...

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Key Contacts

Greenhalgh Kerr Dan Tate
Dan Tate

Daniel qualified as a solicitor in 2007 and immediately joined Greenhalgh Kerr where he has amassed a wealth of litigation and dispute resolution experience acting for commercial clients, particularly those involved in commercial and asset finance. He became a Director of the firm in 2018.

Greenhalgh Kerr Steven Owens
Steven Owens

Steven qualified as a solicitor in 2008, and, having spent well over twenty years in the profession, over half of it as a qualified Solicitor, he was made a Director here in 2019. He has an astute ability to determine the commerciality of dealing with contentious matters, both from a viability and recoverability perspective.

Greenhalgh Kerr Gemma Hackett
Gemma Hackett

Gemma has specialised in Civil Litigation for over 10 years and qualified as a Solicitor in 2015. She manages a team in the Asset Finance and Leasing Department, dealing with a variety of issues including debt recovery, front end security, insolvency, return of goods, landlord and tenant, and commercial disputes.

Greenhalgh Kerr Joanna Buckley
Joanna Buckley

Joanna qualified as a Solicitor in 2013 and has over 15 years’ experience of civil litigation.

Leading a team in the asset finance and leasing department, Joanna handles debt recovery, return of goods, insolvency and commercial disputes.

Alex Worthington

Alex completed his law degree at Queens’ College, Cambridge and joined Greenhalgh Kerr in 2017. He is now employed as Counsel and practices in each of the firm’s core business areas; Local Government Finance, Asset Finance, Insolvency and Landlord & Tenant.

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We are confident in our work and we know that recoveries is a key part of a lender or creditor’s business

We are confident in our work and we know that recoveries is a key part of a lender or creditor’s business. We have designed our pilot projects to give lenders and creditors the comfort and confidence in our service before formally and fully switching recoveries providers. This time also allows new clients to benchmark our service levers and results against existing providers and others.

How it works


You choose 10 recoveries cases

You choose 10 recoveries cases to get us started. We’ll deliver our usual onboarding protocol where we’ll get to know you and your systems, culture, methods, preferences, and requirements.


We get started

We assess each case by setting a strategy then grading and reporting on the case in terms of prospects and timescales and cost. We make immediate contact with debtors, and pursue a recovery in our tried and tested ways.


We review

We deliver ongoing, structured, tailored reports as per your needs and carry out a full 3-month review on these 20 cases. There we’ll discuss how we have worked together, patterns we have seen in your borrowers, your systems, your documents, your pre-legal conduct, outcomes, highs and lows, legal costs (and costs borne by debtors), and possible improvements in all of these.


No strings

We carry on working in this way until all cases have been concluded. You are then free to carry on your discussions with us or to use the experience and market intelligence gained by working with us in the future.

Lenders and creditors have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by engaging with us on a pilot project.