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Can I Claim Costs Within Magistrates’ Court Proceedings?

Where a liability order is granted, it is accepted that the magistrates’ court may make a costs or..

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What Happens When A Debtor Pays A Petition Debt Below £5,000?

It is well-known that since October 2015, a bankruptcy petition may only be issued against an indivi..

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New Advice Line

From time to time legal queries arise in the world of council tax and NDR. They could be anything fr..

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Court Re-Structure

The Business & Property Courts of England and Wales became operational on 2 October 2017. Intend..

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The Effect Of Fraud On An IVA Debt

Q: A debt included in an IVA has turned out to be a sum which the Debtor obtained by fraudulent mean..

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The Effect Of A Post-Insolvency Decision By The Valuation Tribunal

If the Valuation Tribunal makes a decision which reduces or extinguishes the liability of the debtor..

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Creditor’s Meetings To Approve IVAs: Make Your Vote Count

As you will no doubt be aware, the increase in the bankruptcy threshold to £5,000 has seen an incre..

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Principled Offsite Logistics (POL) – Update

POL Scheme POL is a well-known company whose principal form of business is seeking NNDR mitigation f..

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IRRV Conference : Rates Avoidance Forum #2

Thanks to the success and popularity of this event last year, we have decided to hold another rates ..

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