Debt Recovery Articles


Court Re-Structure

The Business & Property Courts of England and Wales became operational on 2 October 2017. Intend..

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County Court Bailiffs – Time For Change?

A County Court Judgment does not necessarily imply that the defendant will make payment of the judgm..

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Using A Third Party Debt Order

In this article we provide an overview and a summary of the benefits of Third Party Debt Orders foll..

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An Overview of Developments with Order for Sale Litigation

The domestic property market over the last 10 years has meant that orders for sale have been off li..

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Recoveries from Deceased Estates

Benjamin Franklin once stated that in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and..

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5 Practical Tips To Help The Recovery Of Rent Arrears

Rent arrears are, unfortunately, inevitable. Every accommodation provider has them, whether large or..

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Tenants and Nuisance – A Friendly Reminder

Complaints from one tenant about the nuisance committed by another tenant are a constant irritant fo..

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Student Accommodation exempted from “Right to Rent” requirements

Student Accommodation providers will not be required to carry out the stringent identity and immigra..

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Private, Purpose Built Student Accommodation to be exempt from Scottish Reforms

Student accommodation which is privately run and purpose-built will not be included in planned contr..

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