Disagreements arise in all walks of life, but in business they can be disastrous. Mediation will uncover areas of agreement, and focus on common ground, to bring about a swift end to disputes without long, expensive and harmful litigation.

Warren Usden, Head of Litigation at Greenhalgh Kerr, is a qualified mediator and offers his expertise to clients and third parties alike. As a commercial litigator, with in excess of 20 years’ experience, Warren’s knowledge of practice and procedure and his general commercial ‘savvy’ make him ideal to aid disputing parties.

His extremely approachable, yet authoritative manner helps parties see past their own, often entrenched positions, to identify the strengths and weaknesses in their own cases. In this way they can find areas of common ground, narrow issues and move towards a resolution of the dispute or disagreement. This is often accomplished without the need for further proceedings, thereby achieving success without the risks associated with a winner-takes-all litigation stance.

To contact Warren or to discuss mediation services in general please contact 0333 200 5200 or email