Dispute Resolution

Disputes are a fact of life in business. Most of them are sorted out without going anywhere near a solicitor’s office. Sometimes is just takes an email, a telephone call or a drink. Sometimes it takes all three. We are called in when our client’s own efforts have failed.

Every client who walks through our door does so because they have a problem.

Some come to us because they feel they have a claim which needs pursuing, others because they are being threatened by claims they refuse to accept. Either way it is a problem which needs sorting or it will become a distraction to the business and a drain on its energy and resources.

We know what our clients want when they come to us. They want to know that we understand them and their business. They want to know that we can quickly identify and focus on the real issues. Most of all, they want to know that there are solutions to their problems, that we know how those solutions can be achieved and that we have the finesse to achieve them.

We don’t soft-soap our clients. We understand that they want to hear good news, but what they need to hear, most of all, is good advice.

Sometimes commercial disputes are not about winning or losing. Sometimes there are different objectives. Success can be many things in business.

Every case is a new canvas and there is no painting by numbers at Greenhalgh Kerr.