We recognise that our activities can have an impact upon the environment at various levels and that it is our responsibility to promote a proactive approach to reducing this impact.

Overall, our aims are:
• To reduce the firm’s carbon footprint
• Waste less, recycle more
• Reduce business travel

Waste And Recycling

• We are actively working towards reducing the amount of waste that we send to landfill by providing our staff with a range of recycling facilities. These facilities enable staff to recycle plastic, glass, cans, toner cartridges and paper.

• In addition, we also recycle old or unwanted office furniture and obsolete IT equipment is disposed of in line with the required environmental legislation.


• Automatic power down of PC’s at the end of the working day has greatly reduced power consumption.
• We are implimenting new procedures to use email only in correspondence wherever possible, cutting down in paper and toner usage.

Business Travel

• All employees are encouraged to use telephone conferencing where possible, thus reducing business travel. Where travel is unavoidable it is conducted by public transport.

• We have over the course of th last 18 months taken part in the the ride to work scheme, providing loans to our staff who wish to purchase bicycles. We also have a car sharing scheme.