Heads or Tails

It is wonderful to have choice – provided that we choose correctly.  As wise old Albus Dumbledore..

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Take A Look At The Wrong Guy Beating Up The Lawman

I have been trying to work out why the recent death of David Bowie has hit me so hard.  Losing some..

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Valentin Ribet – Our Sympathies

Nobody can have escaped the awful events which occurred in Paris last Friday. The details have been ..

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I’m Ready For My Close-up Mr Osborne

Okay, so let’s at least try and start on the same page.  There is tax evasion and there is tax av..

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Just Pressed Send!

The legal world has had one of its convulsions this week.  From time to time it gets its briefs in ..

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What Sort Of Lawyer Do You Really Want?

I was recently instructed to settle a dispute. My opponent instructed a “business consultant&#..

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And Now For Something Different

It’s been a depressing month, news wise.  Another looming Greek debt crisis, potential industrial..

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Gove Appointed as Lord Chancellor

Well, nobody saw that coming!  With most commentators predicting an election race too close to call..

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The End is Nigh! (well almost…)

The polls opened early this morning. Britain’s politicians have travelled across the length and br..

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Adapting To Change

I do not consider myself to be too dissimilar from most other individuals. I quite like routine, I e..

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Dealing With Agression

It is not a regular occurrence, however due to the very nature of this job I do come across overly a..

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New Financial Year: New Recoveries Process?

It will be pretty obvious to most businesses that letting bad debts accrue can be harmful and in som..

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Where Have You Been For The Last 5 Years?

It is with great trepidation that I even considered thinking about contemplating writing a blog whic..

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Get Digital

Last week Wigan Council hosted a Get Digital Breakfast Event and I was invited to sit on the present..

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Restricted Access

In the early 80s I bought my first car.  It was an Austin 1300 Automatic.  Not a particularly cool..

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Self Improvement

It seems that everyone is focused on self-improvement in one way or another. Irrespective of your go..

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New season? New opportunity.

As an avid Rugby League fan, this week is an exciting prospect as it represents the start of a new s..

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Sound Judgement

One of the earliest law reports in history concerns the two prostitutes who took their dispute to Ki..

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Alternative New Year’s Resolutions for Business People

Drink less? Take more exercise? Eat more healthily? Read more books? Be more frugal? Yeah, yeah, yea..

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World War One Commemoration

Shortly after I started my legal career, as a naive, wide-eyed paralegal, I was engaged in conversat..

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Anyone For Tennis?

Summer has finally arrived!  The barbecues are sizzling, the air conditioning is on (well our windo..

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Google Glasses

  The legal profession has, for the last ten years or so, gone through a period of unprecedente..

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Success In Sochi

  Despite the controversy initially surrounding the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi this year, si..

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First stop Delemere Forest, next stop Rio.

The theory that feeling fit and functioning well boosts productivity is a well-trodden path, and one..

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2013 – Its Wigan’s Year

At Old Trafford on Saturday 5 October 2013, the third part of a historic treble for Wigan’s sports..

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‘Plebgate’ case serves as a warning to litigators

The story of Andrew Mitchell MP ranting at Policeman at the Downing Street gates initially broke in ..

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Turn and face the strain…

  The Bowie classic, ‘Changes’ would be an appropriate anthem for the legal profession these da..

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There is nothing quite so infuriating…

You’re in the middle of something important, something which requires concentration and a dedicate..

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Mediation Back On The Agenda

Mediation is the process whereby the parties to a claim arrange a completely without prejudice meeti..

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Lance Armstrong and Horse Meat: What can we learn?

In July of last year, I wrote a blog on this website addressing the Libor scandal which was engulfin..

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