Purveyor Of Avoidance Schemes Wound Up By Insolvency Service

Three companies all behind the familiar name of “Sheridan Gillis” have been wound up by the Public Interest Unit of the Insolvency Service.

Those companies were SG Trading (NW) Limited, Lear Auto’s Limited (formerly Augustine Ivers Limited) and Lear Trading Limited (formerly Iver Gillis Trading Limited).

The orders were made in February and April 2017.

For those not aware, Sheridan Gillis has been openly advertising rates mitigation schemes on its website for a number of years and is the company behind well-known operators such as Africa Relief Trust, Art Aid CIO and indeed the various snail farming companies.

It is very encouraging to see the Insolvency Service taking swift action such as this following an investigation which they carried out in the latter part of 2016.

As is noted in our recent article, this should add weight to any claim which argues that leases organised by Sheridan Gillis were “sham” documents designed to mislead the council.  The court in that recent case was also interested to note that there were common directors between the Sheridan Gillis company and some of the snail farm companies.

The Insolvency Service is still interested to hear from councils affected by any of these schemes and contact can be made at the Insolvency Service, Public Interest Unit (North), 2nd Floor, 3 Piccadilly Place, London Road, Manchester, M1 3BN (telephone 0161 234 8531).